For legal and ethical conditions of the submission of manuscripts, as well as for the details of the reviewing and editing procedures, see the Publication Ethics section.

Contributors are invited to submit articles by e-mail (; texts in .doc format, images in .tiff or .jpg formats with a resolution of 300 dpi) and in print (2 copies) or in pdf. Greek texts should be encoded in Unicode. Please do not post articles by registered mail.

The article size must not exceed 80,000 characters (40,000 characters for book reviews).

Each article must be accompanied by: a short summary (one paragraph); a keyword list (max. 10 words); the academic affiliation(s), postal and electronic addresses of the author(s) which will be communicated in the article; a signed Copyright Agreement (the last file for download).

All references must be given in continuously numbered footnotes as follows: Author and publication year without comma, page number, note number (n., Anm., etc.), figure number (fig., Abb., etc.), or table number (pl., Taf., etc.).

Example: Иванов 1972а, 536, рис. 2; 1972б, 56–59; Salvatori 1995, 67–68, fig. 13, pl. 26.

Bibliography is given in the end in alphabetic order as follows:


Галанина Л.К. 1997: Келермесские курганы (Степные народы Евразии, 1). М.

Alexander C. 1928: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Jewelry. The Art of the Goldsmith in Classical Times. L.–N.Y.

Journal articles (pages compulsory):

Ростовцев М.И. 1917: Надпись на золотом сосуде из с. Мигулинской // ИАК. 63, 106–108.

Salvatori S. 2000: Bactria and Margiana seals: a new assessment of their chronological position and a typological survey //East and West. 50, 97–145.

Articles/chapters in books and collected volumes (names of editors and pages compulsory):

Грантовский Э.А. 1981: О некоторых материалах по общественному строю скифов. «Родственники» и «друзья» // Кавказ и Средняя Азия в древности и средневековье / Б.А. Литвинский (ред.). М., 59–79.

Salvatori S. 1998: Margiana archaeological map: the Bronze age settlement pattern // The Archaeological Map of the Murghab Delta. Preliminary Reports 1990–95 / A. Gubaev, G. Koshelenko & M. Tosi (eds.). Rome, 57–65.


NB. The titles in Cyrillic and other non-Latin scripts must be accompanied with Latin transliterations.



Each article must be accompanied with the list of abbreviations in alphabetic order:

АО – Археологические открытия. М.

IGBR – Inscriptiones Graecae in Bulgaria repertae / Ed. G. Mihailov. Sofia, 1956–

Articles that do not respect the guidelines will be rejected. The decision to publish or not is taken by the Editorial Board on the basis of reviewers’ opinions and communicated to authors. Manuscripts are not returned to authors.

Contributors of review articles should contact the editorial office for the author’s fee.

Ethical and Legal Conditions

Submission of an article for publication in the journal implies the following:

1. All authors are in agreement about the content of the manuscript and its submission to the journal.

2. The contents of the manuscript have been tacitly or explicitly approved by the responsible authorities where the research was carried out.

3. The manuscript has not been published previously, in part or in whole, except as an abstract, part of a published lecture or academic thesis.

4. The manuscript has not and will not be submitted to any other journal while still under consideration for this journal.

5. If the submission includes figures, tables, or large sections of text that have been published previously, the author has obtained written permission from the original copyright owner(s) to reproduce these items in the current manuscript in both the online and print publications of the journal. All copyrighted material has been properly credited in the manuscript.