A Greek Private Letter from the Settlement of Panskoye I (North-Western Crimea)

Stolba V. F.

The article publishes a mid-4th century ВС graffito found in 1987 at Panskoye I site on the Chersonesean distant chora in the north-western Crimea. The text, which is scratched in five lines on an amphora sherd and is largely fragmented in the left part, shows distinct dialectal features. The rare personal name Kotytion mentioned in 1. 3 recorded on more than one occasion in Cher-sonesos and Kallatis also the Doric context. The verb ёятвгцл in 1. 4 and the last word in 1. 5 which can be conjectured as \|ie]l)8&piov (known only from Lykophron - Alex. 1048,1181) indicates to imply the sacrifices made on a symbolic grave - kenotaphion. The burial mound K32, which turns out to be the only grave of mat kind excavated in the local necropolis, offers here a direct parallel. In connection with Moirai, conjectured in 1. 4 the author draws on the cult and cult representations of these deities in the Black Sea area and beyond.