Roman Gold Coins from the State Historical Museum (Part II)

Abramzon Mikhail G., Frolova N. A.

The second part of the collection of Roman gold coins at the State Historical Museum covers the period from 238 AD (the beginning of rule of Gordian Ill's rule) to the East Roman Emperor Zeno (474-491 AD). Zeno's gold coin № 177 is described at the end of the section «East Roman Empire», in accordance with the view that Roman imperial coinage ends under Zeno in 491. The gold coins described in the paper include № 91 issued by Gordian III (238-244), a tre-missis of Julius Nepos (474-475,477-480) (№ 191), two solids of Julian the Apostate (361-363) (№ 1Ю-111) and a rare solid of Jovian (363-364) (№ 112). After the death of Julian the Apostate pagan gods disappear from the coins, giving way to Christian symbols. For the first time the authors have given an interpretation of barbarian imitations of Roman gold coins (2nd-3rd cc. AD).