Hebrew Prophecies about the Future Restoration of the Davidic Dynasty: A Folklore and Literary Tradition and Its Representation in Biblical Literature

Bessonov Igor A.

The article deals with Biblical texts related to the prophecies about the future restoration of the Davidic dynasty, which existed in the Jewish tradition of the Babylonian Exile. It is assumed that this plot is reflected not only in biblical texts that directly or indirectly speak of the future restoration of the dynasty, but also in two biblical narratives that tell about other historical figures. Thus, the story of King Manasseh told in the Book of Chronicles may have followed the pattern originally applied to the last Jewish kings, Jeconiah and Zedekiah. Similarly, the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, described in the fourth chapter of the Book of Daniel, may be based on a prophetic parable about the Davidic dynasty.

Keywords: Davidic dynasty, Kingdom of Judah, Book of Daniel, Manasseh, Jeconiah, Zedekiah, Bible and folklore

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