Evidence on smdt In Middle Kingdom Egyptian Sources

Bogdanov Ivan V.

The author suggests several variant interpretations of the word smdt based upon his analy-sis of Middle Kingdom texts: 1)«a section, a column», i.e. a structural unit of text (Tabl. CG 25367 and 25368; P. Heqanakhte IV, 1; P. Kahun 30, 1); 2)) «outsiders, marginals», i.e. state-employed unskilled workers who were to be controlled 3)and registered by the district official; originally, unemployed (Ste. California N3746; Inscr. 4)Sinai Nr. 116 + 164; Inscr. Sinai Nr. 25; Gr. Kumma 481; P. Berlin 10068; Ste. Louvre C167; 5)Ste. BM 140 [527]); «rabble» (The teaching of Amenemhet I).