Hispano-Roman Mosaics on Mythological Subjects in the Context of Ancient Mediterranean Culture

López Monteagudo Г.

The art of mosaic in Spain is closely connected with that of Rome and Italy: it absorbed the influence of the centre and formed the local canon under this influence, which was especially strong in the late 1st с AD and the first half of the 2nd с AD. In the second half of the 2nd с AD and in the 3rd с AD some changes occurred part, connected with the rising interest Spanish mosaic masters took in North African and oriental paradigms. During the same period the mosaic art of the Spanish provinces was working out its own artistic cliches, standards and modus operandi. Analogous processes took place in the art of other western provinces (Lusitania and Gaul). This fact makes it possible to speak of several different schools of mosaic art with quite long radiuses of influence, though the school of Rome never lost its leading role.