New Inscriptions from Phanagoria

Kuznetsov Vladimir D.

Underwater explorations have been conducted in Phanagoria (the Taman Peninsula) since 1999. In 2004 excavations in the western end of the submerged part of the site unearthed fragments of marble statues, a building block with King Aspurgos' inscription dedicating a statue of Eros to Aphrodite Ourania, the Mistress of Apatouron, and a marble pedestal of a statue bearing an inscription in honour of the Bosporan king Sauromates II. Auspurgos' inscription implies that he was son of Asandrokhos (Asander) and, consequently, his legal successor. The inscription on the pedestal presents one of the longest known titles of Bosporan kings, which underlines distinctly their dependence of Rome. In 2005 explorations will be continued in the area where these inscriptions were found.