A Stele of Sons of Attes from Myrmekion

Tokhtasyev Sergey R.

The author publishes a stele of the 1st half of the 4th с. ВС discovered at the necropolis of the Bosporan city of Myrmekion (on the territory of Kerch). The name of the second buried person ΚΥΛΙΑΝΙΞ should be probably corrected as ΚΥΛΙΑΝΙΞ. The latter is known from a 4th с. epitaph CIRB 162 (probably, from Panticapaeum) and is often to be found on the ceramic stamps of Sinope as the fabricant's name (nom. also Κνλιανιος) and in South-Eastern Phrygia (Κνλιανο-κώμη). The name seems to be Paphlagonian, derived from the HittitoLuvian anthoponymic root Kul(a)-; cf. Hit.-Luv. name Kulia and Κολιας in CIRB 344, 518 and also Ξανδανις (Lydia, Paphlaginia) with Hit.-Luv. theonym Santa etc. Anatolian name of the father ̉́Αττης, known on the Bosporus from some other inscriptions of the 4th с. ВС, is attested in Myrmekion in CIRB 175. The author gives other remarkable examples from Bosporan epigraphy (CIRB 228, 209, 168, 222, 225) of how immigrant families from Asia Minor preserved their traditional names. The epigraphic data make it possible to speak of a mass migration of superficially hellenized barbarians (often with their families) from the northern parts of Asia Minor on the Bosporus in the 5th and 4th cc. ВС. This matter will be treated by the author in a special paper.