Bosporus, Thrace and Chersonesus Taurica in the First Quarter of the 1st Century AВ (A new Epigraphic Testimony from Chersonesus)

Makarov Igor A.

This paper presents a fragmentary inscription found in Chersonesus Taurica in 2000. According to one of possible reconstructions proposed by the author, the monument was a private dedication made to the Theoi Epekooi for the Thracian king Cotys, son of Rhoemetalces I, who reigned in ca. 12-19 AD (PIR II2. С 1554). The appearance of this document could be explained by close links between the Bosporan and the Thracian royal dynasties in the early decades of the 1st с AD. The inscription can be compared with other epigraphic documents from Chersonesus which mention such representatives of the Bosporan royal house as Dyna-mis, Polemo I and Aspurgos (IOSPE I2. 354; 573; 704).