A Chersonesian Coin from the Chora Of Gorgippia

Novichikhin Andrey M.

Among the numismatic finds from the settlement of Andreevskaya Shchel I on the Gorgip- pian chora there is a coin of the 60s BC from Chersonesus Taurica. As well as other coins and ceramic ware from Chersonesus found in Gorgippia and on its chora, it is a piece of evidence proving steady contacts between the two cities in antiquity. The find from Andreenskaya Shchel testifies as well to the fact that contacts between Chersonesus and the cities of Bosporus were intensified in the «Mithridatic period», especially at its later stage, when Chersonesus and Bosporus became the last strongholds of Mithridates Eupator king of Pontus.

Keywords: numismatics, Black Sea region, Pontic region, Gorgippia, Chersonesus, Bosporus, Mithridates Eupator