The Catalogue of South-Pontic Tribes in Dionysius Periegetes

Ilyushechkina Ekaterina V.

The paper is a continuation of the publication in VDI 2 (2008). The author focuses her attention on Dionysius’ account of the peoples and tribes that inhabited the southern Pontic coast in the ancient times. Dionysius’ data is compared with passages of Apollonius of Rhodes, his main geographical source and poetical model. The names which Dionysius uses referring to the area in question come from both the witnesses of early Ionian tradition (Hecataeus of Miles, Herodotus, Ps.-Skylakas) and to the epic tradition of catalogues (Homer, Callimachus, Apollonius of Rhodes, etc.).

Keywords: Dionysius Periegetes, southern Pontic coast, catalogues