Two Metrical Inscriptions of the Roman Period from Chersonesus Taurica

Makarov Igor A.

The author publishes two gravestone epigrams discovered recently in Chersonesus Taurica. Their paleographical characteristics make it possible to date them back to the 2nd century AD, most probably to its second half. The first of the two texts uses the traditional motifs of the genre: different lots of soul and body after death, happy afterlife of the soul and inevitability of death. The second epigram is characterized by numerous poetical clichés and metrical faults. It is noteworthy that Sousi", a female name of Thracian or Asian origin is for the first time attested in the 8th line of this inscription (cf. other female names of the same  root known in thr North and West Pontic area: Sousa, Sousa", Sousiwn, Souso").

Keywords: Chersonesus Taurica, Crimea, epigraphy