Queen Dynamis and Tanais

Ivantchik Askold I., Tokhtasyev Sergey R.

Two inscriptions excavated in Tanais in 1993 are published in the article. The first one was made during the reign of Queen Dynamis and is a dedication of a monumental construction connected with the sanctuary of Apollo. The second one is a decree (apparently dating back to the mid-1st c. BC) adopted by the proedroi of the council in honour of an unknown person, son of Mathianes. The latter might be apparently Mathianes, son of Zaidaros, who is mentioned on the gravestone (now in the Museum of Temryuk) put up by Queen Dynamia. He must have been close to the queen; judging from his name and patronymic, he was of Sarmatian origin.

Keywords: Pontic region, North Black Sea, Tanais, Greek epigraphy