On Fuctional Purpose of Some Buildings of 6th–5th c. BC on Berezan and in Olbia

Kryzhitsky Sergei D.

Two constructions unearthed on Berezan and two others in Olbia were explored in the late 19th – early 20th c. and in the 1970s. The first of the former two was discovered at the cemetery, it is apsidal in shape and dates to the 2nd half of the 6th c. BC. This building could have been a temple. The second construction is oblong and is thought to have been of administrative or public character. As for the two buildings in Olbia, the author admits they might have been temples. This enables him to put forward some arguments refuting V.P. Yailenko’s view that those buildings could not have been intended for religious purposes.

Keywords: archaeology, Berezan, Olbia, North Pontic region, Black Sea