A Hoard of Panticapaean Copper Coins of the 3rd c. BC. from the Settlement of Kumatar (Found in 2004)

Abramzon Mikhail G., Zavyalov S. L., Frolova N. A.

The authors publish a big hoard (found in 2004 at Kumatar, Anapa District, Krasnodar Region) of Panticapaean copper coins of the period of monetary crisis on the Bosporos. The hoard consists of 325 coins of the middle and the third quarter of the 3rd century BC, the greatest part of them re-coined or bearing an additional stamp. About one third of the hoard consists of the coins of «satyr’s head without beard – bow and arrow, èÄN» type, with a tripod stamped additionally (102 pieces). There is a small number of coins of the mid–3rd c. BC: «Apollo’s head – eagle, èÄN» with a tripod stamped additionally (5 pieces) and «Apollo’s head – tripod» (9 pieces). More than one third of the hoard are the coins «satyr’s bearded head – bow and arrow» inscribed with èÄNTI or èÄN (119 pieces). Of special interest are the big coins «Poseidon’s head – prora» with Athena’s and satyr’s head stamped additionally, issued in the third quarter of the 3rd c. BC. Along with the coins stamped in the usual order (Athena’s head overstamped with satyr’s head) there are some pieces stamped in the reverse order. There are also coins with only one stamp (either Athena’s or satyr’s head). On some coins the stamps are on two differents sides (one on the obverse, the other on the reverse). While the 1934 hoard of Myrmekion included 11 coins of the type «Poseidon – prora», the one published here includes 90 pieces of similar. This means that both hoards reflect the latest phase of the monetary crisis. They provide important evidence of the monetary circulation in the middle and the third quarter of the 3rd c. BC.

Keywords: archaeology, numismatics, hoard, copper coins, Panticapaeum, North Pontic region, Black Sea