The Hittite Kingdom and Upper Mesopotamia in the Times of Tudhaliya IV and His Sons (Latter Half of 13th – First Decades of 12th Centuries BC): New Sources and Hypotheses

Alexandrov Boris E.

The paper presents a study of some Hittite and Assyrian documents recently discussed and comes to following conclusions. Text KBo 18.28+ reflects (as well as, perhaps, Emar text RE 70) deep hittite discontent with Assyrian strengthening of border across the Euphrates, in the area recently conceded by Hittites to Assyria, and can be dated to the period of formal Hittite-Assyrian reconciliation after the war of so called Nihriya Battle under Shalmanaser I. The fragments KBo 50.92 a, b speak, in all probability, about an attack by Assyrian forces of King Tuku[lti-Ninurta] in the area of Karkemish and correlate to this King’s claims in some inscriptions for capturing «28800» Hittite subjests beyond the Euphrates at the very beginning of his reign. All the bulk of known Hittite and Assyrian data induces to consider that this borderline incident did not have any developments and further relations of Tukulti-Ninurta with Hittites were peaceful and basically friendly.

Keywords: Hittite Kingdom, Assyria, Tudhaliya IV, Tukulti-Ninurta