A Model Crux Interpretum: Malachi 2:15

Desnitsky Andrei S.

The article deals with a so called crux interpretum, i.e. a hopelessly obscure place, in the Old Testament, namely, Malachi 2 : 15. It is reasonably argued that the text is corrupt but we can not find any other textual variant that would be satisfactory. Thus, we have to propose an emendation or an explanation of the existing text, both of which are in fact are quite close to each other. Now, the methodology becomes the main point: how can this verse be interpreted if any solution we propose for a particular problem only leads to another unsolved problem? The article proposes a way to go by establishing the starting point and then solving the problems in the order which appears to be the most logical. In the end, we come to an interpretation which may be not blameless but is arguably the best possible at the present stage of our knowledge: «No one, who has the remnant of the Spirit in him, behaved this way. What would such a person seek? An offspring from God».

Keywords: Old Testament, Malachi, crux interpretum