New Acquisitions of the Numismatic Collection of the State Historical Museum (Parthian Coins)

Gaibov Vasif A., Koshelenko Gennadiy A.

The authors publish coins of the Parthian Kingdom recently acquired by the State Historical Museum (Moscow). The silver drachms were issued by Orodes I (90–80 BC), Mithradates III (57–54 BC), Orodes II (57–38 BC), Phraates IV (38–2 BC, three pieces), Artabanus II (10– 38 AD), Gotarzes II (40–51 AD), Vologases IV (147–191 AD, three pieces). One coin issued by an unknown king (80–70 BC) is published as well. All the pieces belong to rare types.

Keywords: the State Historical Museum, Parthian Coins, drachms, numismatics