Neoptolemus in Troy. A Corinthian Red Figure Pyxis from the State Hermitage

Bukina Anastasia G.

A rare Corinthian convex-sided pyxis without handles preserved in the State Hermitage bears a red-figure painting of the Sack of Troy. The subject is exceptionally rare for Corithian vases and for Greek vases of the first half of the 6th century BC in general. The painter seems to belong to a large class of mediocre articles who worked in the late Middle Corinth period (the 570s BC). He was apparently connected with the Frauenfest Painters. It is probable that the painting on the Hermitage pyxis was a naїve copy of a Corinthian wall painting, for it is distinguished by a complicated composition, surpassing by far the stylistic norms of the group and the craftsman’s personal artistic accomplishment.

Keywords: red figure ceramics, pyxis, State Hermitage, the Sack of Troy, Corinth, Greek vases