6th Century Greek Ceramic Import in Giza (From Excavations by the Russian Archaeological Mission)

Malykh Svetlana E.

The Russian Archaeological Mission unearthed in Giza necropolis (Egypt) five fragments of vessels, identified as fragments of 6th century amphorae imported from Chios and Clazomenae. Chian and Clazomenian amphorae had not been attested in Giza before these finds; in the rest of Egypt they are not numerous. Those finds must be connected with Memphis (Giza being its necropolis, as well as Saqqara and Abusir) and with the third biggest Greek colony (after Naukratis and Daphnae) which existed in this city in the I mill. BC. The presence of imported Greek 6th century ceramics in Giza necropolis provides evidence for external commercial relations of Memphitic Region.

Keywords: Giza necropolis, Chios, Clazomenae, amphorae, Memphis, archaeology