History of Viet Kingdom: Written sources and the Problem of Historical Reconstruction of Real Events

Laptev Sergey V.

The ancient Viet (Yue) Kingdom was an important and powerful state to the South of the Yangtze in the 1st millenium B.C. that differed from the ancient states of the Huang-Ho Valley in ethnicity and culture. On the material of ancient Chinese texts in comparison with archaeological data the author tries to reconstruct the main traditions and aspects of spritual culture together with the political development of its country and people. Unfortunately, the insufficiency of written historical sources limits our knowledge about the ancient Viet Kingdom, that is why the author proposes an interdisciplinary approach which can help as the most effective one in the research of the history of Viet Kingdom and its people.

Keywords: Viet (Yue) Kingdom, Yangtze, Huang-Ho, ancient Chinese texts