The «Golden» Sword from the «King’s» Burial Mound of Filippovka 1 Burial Ground

Rukavishnikova I. V., Shemakhanskaya M. S., Yablonsky Leonid T.

The unique iron sword decorated with silver details and gold incrustation comes from the new excavation of the burial mound 4 in the well-known Filippovka burial ground dated to the end of the 5th – first half of the 4th century BC. The handle of the sword is covered with images in the so-called «Scytho-Siberian» style and the blade has gold incrustation on both sides depicting scenes including hunting, immolation and a mythological story represented in graphical images of animals and humans. The sword is a masterpiece of ancient decorative and applied arts and bears interesting mythological information.

Keywords: Filippovka 1, South Urals, archaeology, sword, typology, chronology, animal style, technology, semantics