Hellenistic Coins from Kampyrtepa

Gorin A. N., Rtveladze Edward V.

In 1979–1991 and 1999–2010 during the excavations conducted by the Tokharistan archaeological mission of the Institute of Fine Arts (Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences) at the ruins of the ancient city of Kampyrtepa (Muzrabat district, Surkhandarya region, Uzbekistan) a large number of Seleucid and Greco-Bactrian coins was found. The coins from Kampyrtepa are mostly bronze specimens of small denominations. The find includes two coins of Seleucid king Antiochus II and 28 Greco-Bactrian coins of Diodotus, Euthydemus I, Demetrius I, Euthydemus II and Eucratides. Two coins found in Kampyrtepa are of an unknown type, one of them bearing a legend with the name of Heliocles [III]. The supplement to the publication shows three rare imitations of Greco-Bactrian coins of Demetrius I and Eucratides.

Keywords: North Bactria, Kampyrtepa, Seleucid coins, Greco-Bactrian coins, Greco-Bactrian coin imitations