Burials from West Kazakhstan and the Problem of Connections of Southern Urals Nomads with the Population of Central Asia

Gutsalov S. Yu., Maryksin Denis V.

The authors publish ancient nomads’ burials of the late 3rd – early 2nd and 1st centuries BC from the burial-mounds Dongulyuk and Volodarka in the West Kazakhstan territory. The material of the burials includes the rare finds: phalerae, belt buckles, infantry swords, etc. The burial ritual and material may presumably provide evidence of the migration of the main part of ancient nomads from the territory of North China westwards, to the boundary of the East European steppe and the Southern Urals in particular.

Keywords: West Kazakhstan, Dongulyuk, Volodarka, China, Central Asia, nomades, belt buckles, phalerae, infantry swords, migration