New Data Concerning the 63 BC Revolt in Phanagoria

Abramzon Mikhail G., Kuznetsov Vladimir D.

The authors publish a unique complex of coins from the huge building excavated at the acropolis of Phanagoria burnt during the revolt of 63 BC against Mithridates. The excavation of 2009 gave five purses with Bosporan and Pontic coins, probably dropped during the fire by the besieged. They contained copper Panticapaean coins of the 3rd–1st centuries BC, silver coins from Phanagoria of 120–110 and tetrachalkoi from Amisos, Sinope, Gaziura penetrated in Phanagoria of the Mithridatic period. The archaeological context of the Phanagorian purses is close to that of the Patraean hoard (the latter also being probably a purse dropped during the fire), which may prove that Phanagoria and Patraeum were destroyed by Mithridates VI about the same time, during the revolt of Bosporan cities in 63 BC.

Keywords: Bosporus Kingdom, Phanagoria, Mithridates VI, currency, ancient coins