“Embalming Caches” in Eastern Giza: Towards the History of Secondary Use of Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom Burial Complexes in the First Millennium B. C.

Malykh Svetlana E.

The article discusses the material complexes of the Egyptian Late Period – early Ptolemaic time (seventh–third centuries B.C.), discovered by the Russian Archaeological Mission (Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences) in the Old Kingdom rock-cut tombs of the eastern part of Giza Necropolis. The complexes include ceramic vessels, sometimes sealed, with dark or light contents, textile bags with natron, scraps of linen bandages, etc. In professional literature such complexes are traditionally understood as ‘embalmers’ caches’ or ‘embalming deposits’; they are directly associated with the secondary burials of the first millennium BC arranged in ancient tombs, and along with them illustrate the scope of use of the ancient necropolis in that chronological period.

Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Giza Necropolis, Egyptian Late Period, Ptolemaic Period, material culture, burial rites, funeral beliefs, mummification, “embalming caches”, ancient Egyptian pottery

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