Relative Dating of the Tomb of Perseneb on Architectural Elements

Vetokhov Sergey V.

The articles presents the results of the investigation by the Russian Archaeological Mission at Giza of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS (RAMG), of the previously unexplored rockcut tomb of Perseneb (LG 78 / GE 20–22) located on eastern area of Eastern Plateau of Giza The architecture of the tomb raises many questions, and is characterized by seldom found, if not unique, features – multiple rooms, large number of statues cut out in the massif of the rock, presence of columns, etc. Comparative analysis of the architecture of the tomb of Perseneb with analogies from other tombs of Eastern Plateau of Giza allows to reveal possible influences and make an attempt to define its relative dating.

Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Old Kingdom, Giza necropolis, rock-cut tomb, ancient Egyptian funeral architecture, dating

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