Kadašman-Harbe I’s Kudurru (YBC 2242) and Some Problems of the Political History of Babylonia

Nemirovsky Alexandr A.

The author analyses the preamble from the recently published kudurru of the Kassite king of Babylonia Kadašman-Harbe I (ca. 1400 BC). He comes to the conclusion that this king positioned himself as the one who delivered Babylonia from the state in which it had come after the fall of Hammurabi’s dynasty and considered his victory over the Suteans as a historical revenge for the calamities the country had gone through during the period of this fall. The texts of the kudurru allows to think that in the late Old Babylonian period Hana on the Middle Euphrates and the dominions of the Kassite House of Gandaš were two contiguous, but different territorial and political units and that at a certain moment under Samsuditana (and before the Hittites appeared at the Babylonian horizon), Hana seceded from Babylonia and began a war against it.

Keywords: Babylonia, Kadašman-Harbe, Samsuditanam Gulkišar, Kassites, Amorites, Hanaeans, kudurru
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