Phrynichus’ Capture of Miletus: Some Problems of the Study of Early Greek Drama

Zabudskaya Yana L.

The paper deals with some problems in the study of ancient data about Phrynichus’ Capture of Miletus: dating, political background, the reasons why the playwright was fi ned, the title not corresponding to the principles of titling in Greek drama. Herodotus’ report seems to be the only source (relied on by other authors) about this drama by Phrynichus. The syntax of the text do not rule out corrected understanding: Herodotus, as well as Plutarchus (Praecept. 814 b) do not give the title but describe the plot, which means that the Capture of Miletus may have been not an authentic title.

Keywords: poetics of the title, early drama, tragedy, history of the genre
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